Dr. Hendry Wijaya


“Hendry Wijaya may well be one of the greatest pianists to
come out of Indonesia today”

The Observer

* * * * *

“Hendry Wijaya demonstrates that he is a unique interpreter of Debussy and Chopin's music. The rich and sophisticated timbres, extraordinary dynamic palette, and super-virtuosity made his performance a real event in the city's music scene and unforgettable for those who gathered for his concert." 

Kuban Today (Russia)

* * * * *

 “Hendry is a prodigy and a very talented young pianist who is full of achievements.”

Java Post (Indonesia)

* * * * *

 “…..his commitment and exuberance and sheer artistry were so persuasive that criticism was silenced!…..Presence at the keyboard was exemplary-sincere, unforced, no acting, yet utterly convincing.”

Alan Morgan, ABRSM Music Critic (U.K.)

* * * * *

“Hendry Wijaya maturely played the ‘Les Adieux’ of Beethoven….Attended by hundreds of music lovers, he truly impressed the audience with his mastery.”

Indonesian Business Journal

* * * * *

“The programme retained the interest of the listener through its technical proficiency providing a secure basis for the interpretative qualities revealed in each piece…..”

Dr. Leonel Draker, ABRSM Music Critic (U.K.)

* * * * *

“The calm and smooth performance, supported by his technical proficiency and fine talent, assure this young man a bright future as a concert pianist.”

Suara Pembaruan Daily News (Indonesia)

* * * * *

 “Hendry Wijaya’s role at the piano springs out skillfully, especially in the Largo movement, his touch was clear and at the same time melancholy.”

Gatra Magazine

* * * * *